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Self-reflective group to enhance emotional and social skills for 4-8-year-old children


Do you have questions about your child’s behaviour? Do you often wonder about your relationship with them? Do you feel puzzled about your child’s interactions with their peers? Are you worried about their relationship with their siblings? Or do you simply wish your child to have a great story-telling time in a warm and emphatic community? 

Bring your child to our FairyTaleGroup in Bartók Pagony Bookstore (Budapest, Bartók Béla street 5)!

We work with a small group of children in 45 minute sessions: with the help of stories two group leaders guide the 4-5 children in the world of self-reflection and emotions. We enhance the children’s emotional development through playful rituals, interactive storytelling and drawing. Discussing and understanding the feelings, desires and thoughts of the characters plays an important role in the learning process.  We associate the characters’ emotions with the children’s own experiences and bodily sensations, and help them in the process of verbalization.

Before your child's 10 group sessions we conduct an individual parent consultation to discuss emotional development and our method. You will also have the opportunity to share your questions about your child. 

After the 10 groups sessions we invite you to participate in our closing parent consultation where we share the experiences of the program and we will have the opportunity to think together about your child's development.

If interested, please contact our coordinator, Eszter Wierdl +36 20 231 57 83.

Parents' feedback:

"When asking my daughter about the FairyTaleGroup, she started jumping with excitement and told the whole fairy tale, adding what the characters felt on different points. She loved your programme."


(Emese, mother of 4 children)

"My son, who otherwise is a bit reserved, said he's going to go to the FairyTaleGroup every day after attending the first occasion. On top of enjoying the programme, we could certainly feel a positive shift. Everyone should have a FairyTaleGroup!"

(Móni, mother of 3 children)

Read our detailed information letter            and apply!


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